Introducing HIVELand Mapping

The digital world is upgrading very fast and we all know that NFTs are the key mechanics of the Metaverse and create permanent digital assets that can interact and exist in multiple Metaverses thus increase the utility of the system. HIVELand NFTs are the reality checks of the augmented reality Metaverse, creating a bridge between the digital and the physical world through geographic coordinates.

The idea is what if we could make this even more effective? If we bring more than geographic coordinates into the Metaverse? What if we could digitalize and bring a 3D structure of the physical world onto the block chain? What if every user of MetaHIVE can do it?

That’s what Beelabs team is up to in the MetaHIVE ecosystem, true credit lies to AI, through which we can now generate a 3D map of the physical world. Simply by taking pictures (no lidar or other expensive HW needed), you only require the smartphone in your pocket.

Moreover the power-dynamics Shifts to all MetaHIVE users which means users can potentially contribute to creating the biggest detailed 3D map of the real world.

The question may rise in your mind why it’s important? Because this open mapping system will uplift the MetaHIVE Metaverse to a whole new level. When it comes to geo-locating an AR asset in MetaHIVE platform, the GPS accuracy is currently limited to no more than meters. You can relate it with Google mapping. But due to the shifting of power dynamics to its users a scanned HIVELand will have a localization precision down centimeters even. This opens up a whole new realm of opportunities in creating AR experiences that before were not technically feasible: localizing experiences or a statue outdoor, precisely superimposing AR to existing buildings, geo-locating assets indoor and on multiple floors, these are just to name, there lies more opportunities than what meets the eye.

We believe no other platform in the blockchain, nor in the traditional world, can currently achieve this. It’s not just about AR precision and creating a wider bridge between the physical and digital worlds, it’s about creating new economies for theMetaHIVE platform. MetaHIVE will enable a host of gamers to make a living in it’s system, while also creating social inclusion among some of the poorest populations on our planet. Let’s take an example what about Axie Infinity? Which have already proven what the potential of play to earn is.

MetaHIVE Engage to Earn, is powered more with Map to Earn:

We will enable our users to earn $MHIVE tokens by simply using their mobile phone which they have in their pocket and scanning physical locations. This activity is assumed to be funded by the MetaHIVE using the revenues and sales of the HIVELands. Also HIVELand owners who have decided to make their HIVELand even more valuable and easy to use can also add 3D maps. Finally, organizations will also use the MetaHIVE platform to fill the local service layer.

Now the question is which part of the world needs to be mapped? MetaHIVE has the answer to this question, with HIVELand buyer mapping based on “Wisdom of the Crowd” and more than 6,000 investors voting for businesses in the world’s most important locations.

About MetaHIVE:

MetaHIVE is first ever global scale, augmented reality based platform powered by Solana blockchain. Anyone with a mobile device or smart glasses can enjoy an interactive augmented reality experience tailored to the current real-world GPS location. Users can develop 3D content in the metaverse, own the hosted space as an NFT and place it anywhere in the world.

MetaHIVE is setting a new standard for augmented reality.





Play, Trade, Engage, Earn and Create in global scale AR based Metaverse.

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Bee Labs

Play, Trade, Engage, Earn and Create in global scale AR based Metaverse.

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